Pioneers in drain line purity

Schier is a trusted name in the restaurant wastewater management industry, offering the only lifetime guaranteed grease interceptors on the market. Founded in 1950, Schier has evolved into the industry leader, helping restaurants keep their drain lines free of grease and food scraps that cause clogs, business interruption, and harm to city sewers.

Now we’re putting that expertise to work in your home with Sprout, the groundbreaking garbage disposal alternative. Grease and food scraps that go down your kitchen sink clog your pipes and cause expensive plumber visits. As the food and grease from your home moves further downstream, it joins deposits from other homes, sticking to sewer pipes and eventually leading to clogged sewers and raw sewage overflows. 

Sprout is an easy, “like sized” replacement of your existing garbage disposal, and an elegant and unique finish to your kitchen sink. Its presence serves to gently encourage primary disposal of leftover food and grease in the compost or trash, while filtering out the remainder that is rinsed off of your dishes. Furthermore, it does so silently and without electricity. 

Simplify and beautify your kitchen while protecting your home and community. 

Sprout. Sink Differently.

Our culture

Sprout is part of the Schier brand family, and born out of Schier’s focus on serving the restaurant and sewer operator communities in North America.  We share the same offices, the same passion, and the same pedigree as our Schier coworkers. 

Being part of Schier, we also share the same Purpose and Values, and are committed to a 100% USA supply chain.

Employee ownership

As an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan), Schier ownership, its purpose, and its culture now have a great chance of remaining intact across generations.


Made in the U.S.A

Making things closer to the market you serve makes sense to us. It drives our local economy and provides a living and a purpose for people we personally know and care about. It drives US manufacturing capability, ensuring our economy remains diverse and able to produce both the important products of today, and the innovative products of tomorrow. As stewards of our environment, it is tremendously eco-friendly compared to overseas manufacturing. Finally, it costs less than overseas manufacturing, enabling us to deliver an extremely high-quality product at an affordable price.

So what do we mean by 100% Made in USA? Sprout was designed by our engineers in Shawnee, Kansas. Every single Sprout component is manufactured in the midwest, using molds designed and built in the Midwest, most within several miles of our plant. And every single Sprout unit is inspected for quality and assembled by our employees in Shawnee, Kansas.