Sprout is the second line of defense, after responsibly disposing of food waste and grease - outside of the sink.

Replace your garbage disposal… for the last time.

Simple and durable design

If you are looking for a solution to garbage disposal maintenance, repairs and clogs, check out Sprout.

Sprout, the revolutionary kitchen sink-waste filter and garbage disposal alternative, designed to keep grease and food waste out of residential kitchen drains.

Silent, safe & sophisticated

No electricity. No blades. No grinding. Sprout protects your plumbing without all the fuss.


Building better kitchen habits

Stop treating your sink like a trash can.

Garbage disposals are popular because they are convenient, but they are causing a problem none of us see.

Dish differently

It is increasingly rare to find garbage disposals in commercial kitchens - and for good reason - the pros know that treating their sink like a trash can leads to clogs and maintenance. And besides, garbage disposals are noisy and can be dangerous. Bring commercial kitchen practices to your home with Sprout.

  • Scrape

  • Wipe

  • Rinse

Sprout vs. garbage disposals

  • Sprout

    No motor
    No electricity
    No blades
    Replaceable components

  • Garbage disposal

    Has motor
    Requires electricity
    Replace complete unit

Fats, oils and grease from our homes are damaging our sewers