Why Sprout?

Because sewer health matters.

What’s the problem with food and grease-laden wastewater? There are two major components to your local sewer system: the network of buried piping, or “collection system”, and the destination of that piping - the primary treatment plant. This plant cleans up your wastewater before discharging it back to “local waters” - lakes and rivers near you.

When the collection system clogs, raw sewage can overflow into public areas, an event called a “sanitary sewer overflow” or SSO. One of the largest single causes of these overflows is clogs from kitchen food and grease deposits. There are more than 23,000 sanitary sewer overflows each year, according to the EPA.

The Schier brand family provides a suite of products and services that work together to keep kitchen waste from clogging our sewers, extending the life of existing sewer infrastructure. Our products and services not only help more wastewater to be properly treated, but return millions of dollars to U.S. taxpayers through sewer maintenance cost savings. Learn more at https://schierproducts.com/our-brands 

Sprout’s contribution to sewer health

Almost 50% of sewer overflows are due to clogs from kitchen food and grease. There are robust plumbing and sewer codes that require restaurants to remove food and grease before it enters the sewer, but there’s no such requirement for our home kitchens. Instead of depending on code requirements (which are unpopular, can take years to develop and require costly enforcement), Sprout encourages homeowners to participate in sewer health in a more elegant way - by offering them value. Homeowners will want Sprout in their kitchen because it is quiet, safe and lowers their plumbing bills. Cleaning up sewers and protecting our local lakes, streams and rivers comes “free” in the bargain!